Perhaps your job is unfulfilling, you feel you’re missing out on opportunities, or something isn’t quite right in your relationship. You want a change and are ready to do the work, but you’re not sure what to change. Or how.

Maybe you’re a manager and your team needs some help with communication, or you’re under stress and want some time back so you can be a more efficient and empathetic leader.

As a life coach working in London’s natural green spaces (predominantly Victoria Park in East London), I can help you explore where you’re at right now, what you really want from your home and work life, and how to take small and sustainable steps to get there.

If you or your workplace are not in East London, we can decide on a coaching programme for you in a different part of the city, or beyond. 

Experience the benefits of coaching outdoors in nature

Picture yourself walking through woodland, or a park. Between the fresh air and birdsong, chances are you’re relaxed. You’re more aware of your surroundings and your thoughts are clearer.

This is the mindset you need to reflect and gain insight into what’s going on for you right now. And the headspace that’ll help you gain a fresh perspective on things, and have new ideas on how to move forward.

This is my personal experience, and the one I tap into to help you or your team move forward. That’s why I believe your personal questions and team-building are best tackled outdoors in nature.

Watch the video to learn more about my approach.

Experience the benefits of coaching outdoors in nature. Email me to discuss your free introductory session.

Make life changes with a coaching programme that’s right for you and your team

Some issues we have to deal with or face up to take more time than others. If you’re post-divorce and looking for a complete life overhaul, your needs will be more complex than if you’re deciding whether or not to quit your job, or your team at work isn’t communicating as efficiently as they could be.

No matter where you’re at, it all begins with a no-obligation free discovery session to ensure we’re a good fit and coaching is right for you or your team.


Foundations Programme

Helps you tackle one issue or tricky decision by getting your priorities straight.

Going Deeper Programme

You’re ready to make some big changes and need to get past one or two recurring or ingrained issues which are holding you back from the meaningful life you want.

Accelerator Programme

-You’re ready for a life overhaul and are willing to go deep, explore sustainable changes and be held accountable for your progress.

Immersion Days 

You’re ready to make changes but the above programmes don’t fit with your schedule. This option allows you to condense a programme into one intensive session and choose a green space of your choice.

You can learn more about these options on the Life Coaching page. Or email me to find out more and book a free introductory session.

Tailored programmes for coaching in the workplace

During an initial free consultation, we can establish a tailored programme that’s right for you or your team.

Tailored stress management mindfulness programmes for leaders, teams & staff

Learn how mindfulness can change your perspective and help you get to know your habitual ways of thinking, behaving and feeling. Use this knowledge to make wiser choices and better deal with the ups and downs of day to day work life, and reduce stress, feel engaged, motivated and happy.


Use the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator to understand how & why you respond to certain circumstances. Use it to make better decisions, communicate clearly, and understand yourself and others better in your work and personal life.


Learn to make decisions from the body, and not “just” your head.

Email me to book a free discovery session. We’ll discuss how I can help you and do some coaching exercises to see how it works. Then you can decide if coaching is right for you and your team.

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