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What’s good for you?

Self-compassion – a road to greater resilience? Do you struggle to say ‘no’ sometimes, worried what others may think of you? Do you find you often take someone’s disappointment so personally that it feels like they’re rejecting you, that they no longer like you? Do you then beat yourself up about the situation? Consider this for a moment. … Read more

Too much to do, not enough time?

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Too much to do, not enough time?

Perhaps its time to simplify and let go The feeling of ‘not having enough time’ is something we are all very familiar with and it can be immensely frustrating and stressful. And managing time can feel like a constant battle – one that can often feel out of our control with people, ‘stuff’ and our … Read more

What gives you energy

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What gives you energy

and what drains you? Making time to ask yourself ‘what gives you energy?’ could be one of the most insightful questions you consider this month. I’m not talking about what snacks you might reach for during a mid-afternoon energy dip, but a more profound question which explores what sustains and nourishes you and your wellbeing. … Read more

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