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How to over-ride your inner critic

Tips to get you through those though moments Over the years, I’ve come to realise that no matter what clients come to me with – stress, feeling stuck, lack of direction or control over life, low confidence or unhappiness at work – the underlying cause of their unease stems the from a harsh, self-critical inner … Read more

What’s good for you?

Self-compassion – a road to greater resilience? Do you struggle to say ‘no’ sometimes, worried what others may think of you? Do you find you often take someone’s disappointment so personally that it feels like they’re rejecting you, that they no longer like you? Do you then beat yourself up about the situation? Consider this for a moment. … Read more

Compassion for oneself and others

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Compassion for oneself and others

It can be hard dealing with negative feelings so don’t forget to  to show yourself a little compassion during these times. It’s not weak or self-indulgent, indeed self compassion can help you understand and be compassionate to others. I recently came to the realisation of just how much resentment and anger I’ve been holding on … Read more

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