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How to over-ride your inner critic

Tips to get you through those though moments Over the years, I’ve come to realise that no matter what clients come to me with – stress, feeling stuck, lack of direction or control over life, low confidence or unhappiness at work – the underlying cause of their unease stems the from a harsh, self-critical inner … Read more

Resilience – a vital life skill

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Resilience – a vital life skill

People who are more resilient than others think and do things differently Take a moment to consider the statement above and then ask yourself, ‘how do I tend to respond to difficult or challenging times?’ Do you tend to crumble and let your thoughts take you on a downward spiral or are you good at … Read more

World Mental Health Day, 10th October

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World Mental Health Day, 10th October

When did you last ask yourself, how am I really? *** FREE Mindfulness based Wellbeing Walks in Victoria Park Friday 17th October & Saturday 18th October. Details below.*** People of all ages and backgrounds can be affected by anxiety, stress and depression. Indeed, the World Health Organisation has predicted that it will be the second … Read more

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