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Don’t  give up, start over

Off track with your resolutions for this year? Feel like giving up? By nature, we tend to focus on what we haven’t achieved, letting the small victories pass us by. Don’t give up, start over. Most of the time our New Year resolutions involve changing some of our most ingrained habits – things that we … Read more

January blues?

It’s easy to let ‘January blues’ get to you. A show of hands if you (or indeed if you’ve heard others – friends, colleagues, family) entertain thoughts such as: “January is so dark and cold”, “It’s the longest month ever; Spring will never come!”, “I really can’t face going back to work”, “I’m spent – … Read more

Stay on track with your New Year Resolutions

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Stay on track with your New Year Resolutions

So often resolutions fall by the wayside despite the great intentions and the momentum which comes with the start of a new year. Before we’re even aware of it, a pattern of unconscious day to day living resumes and we find ourselves pretty much back in the same place as before. Not this year. Here’s … Read more

It can be tough changing ingrained habits January – the month that fills us with great hope that we will do all the things we really want to do. Why then is it, come mid-January, that our New Year’s resolutions – all the things we’ve wanted to change so wholeheartedly, start dropping off our agenda … Read more

New Years Resolutions or Intentions…

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Tips for staying on track with your intentions for 2012 January, the month of starting anew, the month that fills us with hope that we will do all the things we really want to do, that we have been postponing until the New Year, that we have been procrastinating over. January, the month that – … Read more

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