Stuck in your comfort zone?

Is it time to embrace and enjoy the journey of change? The payoff can be huge. Try my 3 tips for helping you to make those changes for the better easier. Do you prefer to stay in your comfort zone, the zone you know so well? We are all guilty of it! Just why is … Read more

including singing in harmony with nature I’m always looking to find ways in which to enable more people to experience the benefits of life coaching and to experience the wonderful impact nature and green space has on our well being. Over the next few months, I will be offering a number of different events, all … Read more

Step out into autumn

Green Space autumn workshops in pictures I hope you’ve had a chance to make the most of this mild weather and step out into your nearest green space to experience autumn. I’ve uploaded some photos from my Nature Connection Workshop at Organiclea, near Epping and the first of our Nature Connection Seasonal Walks which took … Read more

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