Tips for avoiding burnout

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Tips for avoiding burnout

How to recognise the signs of burnout The summer holiday season is a good time to prepare ourselves for our return to work and routines. We come back from holiday relaxed and restored and can’t quite imagine that it could be otherwise. But often,without noticing, we slip back into the rat race and routines and … Read more

Resilience – why do we need it?

We all get our fare share of crises, challenges and difficult situations, some big, others small. But why is it that some people are better at recovering from these difficult times and situations than others? Resilience – our ability to overcome adversity, illness, challenges, continues to be a subject of wide study since the early … Read more

When life is happening…. Words are spoken, emails are received, food is eaten, long to-do lists written, things appear or don’t appear. We wake up in the morning, we open our eyes and events happen all day long, until we go to sleep. This year I’ve had a very conscious and intense experience of this: a dear … Read more

Culture with Conscience

Got the wrong end of the stick about life coaching? It’s not unusual. In fact, a few months ago, I was delighted to finally meet Ellie Good, Editor and Founder of EggMag – ‘the online magazine that takes greener living ideas to the heart of the UK’s popular culture. It’s ethical living, without living less. … Read more


It’s often said that stress is actually good for us but it’s important not to confuse stress with stimulation Keeping active, mentally and physically is absolutely essential for good health. But a prolonged states of stress can leave us feel drained and little alive. So, what is stress? We talk more about stress than we … Read more

Stress or enjoyment during the Christmas Season?

Making this pre-Christmas period as stress free as possible A short while ago I was interviewed by a women’s wellbeing website about my thoughts on some typical issues that women encounter daily and why I think that is. It lead me to come up with this blog of tips and insights which I hope you … Read more

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