What will I get out of coaching?

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What will I get out of coaching?

It’s a question I’m often asked. So, here are three things you can expect to get out of life coaching. Self-awareness and self knowledge – life coaching helps us get to know ourselves better. To get back in touch with what makes us tick, what inspires us, as well as gaining an understanding of any … Read more

Stuck in your comfort zone?

Is it time to embrace and enjoy the journey of change? The payoff can be huge. Try my 3 tips for helping you to make those changes for the better easier. Do you prefer to stay in your comfort zone, the zone you know so well? We are all guilty of it! Just why is … Read more

A life based on contingency?

“I really, really want to start doing what I want to do, I’ve had enough. I want to stop doing what others expect of me or what I think others expect me to do.” The great temptation of human existence is to base our life on contingency. We often believe that when I have the … Read more

Culture with Conscience

Got the wrong end of the stick about life coaching? It’s not unusual. In fact, a few months ago, I was delighted to finally meet Ellie Good, Editor and Founder of EggMag – ‘the online magazine that takes greener living ideas to the heart of the UK’s popular culture. It’s ethical living, without living less. … Read more

There are many choices in a day and we are only conscious of some of them We make choices all day long, consciously and unconsciously. We start the day and make choices about what to do first, second, third etc. It starts in the morning with choosing what to wear or what to have for breakfast. The … Read more

Spend your time more wisely, more efficiently and with more awareness Do you often find yourself thinking ‘I’ve too much to do and I wish there were more hours in a day?’ You are not alone. But as a mentor once told me, “Time is actually the most democratic thing on the planet. Each person … Read more

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