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It’s often said that stress is actually good for us but it’s important not to confuse stress with stimulation Keeping active, mentally and physically is absolutely essential for good health. But a prolonged states of stress can leave us feel drained and little alive. So, what is stress? We talk more about stress than we … Read more

What does being happy really feel like? Clients often come to me because they have an overall sense of unhappiness and lack of fulfilment. They talk to me about wanting to feel happy – but the problem is that we often don’t know what being happy really feels like. We seem to know quite well … Read more

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How easy do you find it to be in the moment? Many of us spend much of our time focused either on the past or on the future, paying very little attention to what is happening in the present, this means that for much of the time we may be unaware of much of our … Read more

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