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Why do we resist change?

Change – we want it and resist it Everything is changing all of the time – for the better and for the worst. Change happens continuously and consistently in each and everyone’s life, at work, at home and all around us and yet, most of us resist change. Why? What stops us from relaxing into … Read more

Change starts with ourselves

We can’t change the other, we can only change ourselves Learning that we can’t change others can be an ongoing and frustrating life lesson. We can’t control others simply because we are not them. We are all wonderfully unique with specific views of self, other and the world around us that have formed as we’ve … Read more

Too much to do, not enough time?

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improving how we spend our time
Too much to do, not enough time?

Perhaps its time to simplify and let go The feeling of ‘not having enough time’ is something we are all very familiar with and it can be immensely frustrating and stressful. And managing time can feel like a constant battle – one that can often feel out of our control with people, ‘stuff’ and our … Read more

Daily tips to help achieve a balanced life and greater wellbeing

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Achieving greater wellbeing:a model for a more balanced life, Green Space Life Coaching

A healthy and balanced lifestyle is key to our wellbeing I find that September can feel a bit like a new beginning as it marks the end of the summer holiday season and the start of a new school year. New beginnings come with a particular uplifting energy which we can tap into in order … Read more


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Change - the secret is little and often

When we want to change things, to do things differently, to try new experiences – it helps to remember ‘little and often’. Whether I’m working with individuals or organisations, everyone is looking for change of some kind. A better work-life balance, a career change, improved team working or tools for managing stress better. Change is … Read more

What gives you energy

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What gives you energy and what drains you

and what drains you? Making time to ask yourself ‘what gives you energy?’ could be one of the most insightful questions you consider this month. I’m not talking about what snacks you might reach for during a mid-afternoon energy dip, but a more profound question which explores what sustains and nourishes you and your wellbeing. … Read more

Little and often

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A formula that will stand you in good stead I have quite a few plants in my house which friends often comment on when they visit ‘What lovely plants, you must have green fingers’. Where I always agree with friends on how lovely the plants are, I never confirm that I’m particularly good with plants. … Read more

For better and for worse, things are changing all the time. Change happens consistently and continuously in each and everyone’s life. In fact it’s something we can be 100 per cent sure of. That’s good to know isn’t it? Perhaps sometimes. When you initiate the change yourself, it can be easy to adopt since it’s a … Read more

New Years Resolutions or Intentions…

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Tips for staying on track with your intentions for 2012 January, the month of starting anew, the month that fills us with hope that we will do all the things we really want to do, that we have been postponing until the New Year, that we have been procrastinating over. January, the month that – … Read more

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