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This programme is for anyone who wants to make accelerated progress in significant areas of their life such as reviewing one’s personal and/or professional life. It has been designed for anyone who likes to immerse themselves in a continuous and transformative change process, who wants to make meaningful decisions and sustainable change as well as being held accountable for taking action.

 What to expect: A continuous and comprehensive process of self-exploration through 12 coaching sessions consisting of:

 – 3 x 90-minute coaching sessions at the beginning, middle and end of the programme to clarify outcomes, review progress and draw up a practical plan to move forward.
 – 9 x one-hour sessions including a values session and skills inventory.

This program is for anyone who wants to make accelerated progress in significant areas of their life such as identifying values and priorities, making major life transitions such as re-engaging with your professional life after having being out of work for a while, exploring life after divorce, entering retirementdealing with loss (job, relationship, loved one). 

Coaching while walking Victoria Park, east London

Where: Coaching sessions take place while walking in Victoria park, East London (see image).  Being surrounded by life and green space helps people to relax and open up. New insights emerge and clients make breakthroughs more easily, ending a session feeling peaceful and  grounded with a heightened sense of perspective and clarity about moving forward in their life.

Sessions can be held entirely outdoors or partly outdoors, partly via phone or video call.

Fee: £ 1090

Please email me for more details or to book a free life coaching taster session

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