Mindfulness helps you to deal with stress by understanding how it manifests in our minds and bodies. It teaches us to become aware of our habitual thoughts and feelings that often cause us stress, and how to recognise the difference between these ingrained emotional reactions and how things really are.

Mindfulness can helps us to:

• Take care of ourselves when things get stressful
• Respond more wisely and creatively to work life
• Increase our ability to see things from someone else’s perspective
• Make wiser, more positive choices in our relationships
• Support clearer more constructive communication
• Make more informed decisions
• Focus on the task at hand

Mindfulness is not:

• A quick fix
• Making our thoughts go away
• Getting rid of stress or difficulty completely
• Zoning out
• Fluffy, touchy-feely, nonsense (even if it feels like it sometimes!)

Mindfulness for Leaders

Leaders can use mindfulness to bring awareness to their thought patterns and leadership style, and as a result respond creatively rather than react to work life. As a result this helps leaders to:

Increase focus, emotional self-regulation, empathy, perspective, adaptability to changing and complex situations

And these skills in turn help them to: 
• Improve collaboration
•  Increase resilience
• Use awareness to make better informed decisions
• Be able to lead in complex and often uncertain and often volatile work settings

Mindfulness Programmes

Offices can be complex environments so I always begin with a free consultation to discuss your needs or the particular issues faced by your team. Then we can create a tailored programme.

Email me to book a free consultation session in which we’ll explore what mindfulness is, and how it helps your staff and organisation. From there you can decide if/how to tailor a mindfulness programme to your business needs.

I am an accredited mindfulness trainer with Breathworks. I follow the Good Practice Guidelines set out by the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisations.

I have worked with clients such as Kew Gardens, The Royal Town Planning Institute, Adam & Eve Communications, Unison, Trades Union Congress (TUC), Here East, Working Well Trust, CNWL NHS Foundation Trust, Aromatherapy Associates, Collinson, K Benchmark and others.


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