Like coaching Focusing offers a way to live life more fully.

Focusing is a reflective practice for personal development to find and change where life has become static without forcing anything. In our modern western life many of us live our life guided by our thinking mind constantly trying to perform, fix and solve things. Focusing helps us learn to listen more to our body, to live from a deeper place than ‘just’ from the head. This approach is for those who enjoy listening to the wisdom of their body and for those who want to learn how to listen more to their body (rather than their head).

I offer:

  • 4-session introduction to Focusing if you want to learn how to Focus to be able to listen more to the wisdom of your body
  • 1:1 individual Focusing sessions if you would like to explore an area in your life where you feel stuck or unsettled

Focusing will enable you to find and change where your life is stuck, cramped, hemmed in, slowed down. And it will enable you to change, to live from a deeper place than just your thoughts and feelings. Eugene Gendlin – creator of Focusing


Get in touch by email or phone 07815 591279 to book your free initial conversation via video call or phone to find out about how Focusing can help you live your life from a deeper place.


The Focusing Way:

Listen to David Battistella interviewing me about my Focusing work in this podcast:

What clients say:

I’ve been doing Focusing sessions with Karen for the past few years. I arrange to meet with her when I’m blocked and I’m avoiding doing a project or when I’m feeling extremely anxious about a situation and I can’t figure out why. Karen is warm and trustworthy and I find that a Focusing session with her is an incredible way to solve a problem that is too emotional for me to figure out on a rational level. I always enjoy the experience and the personal insights that emerge from the process. Frida, London

I just wanted to thank you again for the focusing session.  It feels like a magical process that I  experience as deeply integrating and healing.  I was feeling really fragmented and restless before the session and afterwards I felt so peaceful, relaxed and loving. It seems to complement my psychotherapy. Sarah, London


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