There are times in our lives when big decisions are required. We reach a critical point in our career or personal life where change needs to happen. But we’re not sure what or how.

Coaching explores where you are now, where you want to be, and helps you plan and work towards goals that reflect your values.

Some reasons people turn to coaching:

• Explore what really matters to you in your life – clarifying your priorities
• Deal with stress and anxiety and finding work-life balance
• Discover your skills, talents, and passions
• Explore and learn how you choose to spend your time
• Learn and become kind, supportive and respectful of yourself vs being your own worst enemy

Doing this work requires you to think clearly about what you want, and to allow new ideas and understandings to emerge. It requires courage and the commitment to work through some ingrained issues and to begin doing things differently.

This is why coaching sessions are held while walking in open natural settings. Here the calming, beneficial impact of nature allows you to relax and gain a fresh perspective on things.

Life Coaching is not counselling

A counsellor works with you to bring understanding and healing from your past as you grasp and deal with your present. A coach steps in when you are ready to move forward.

Coaching is practical and success is measured by results – the actions you take.

As your coach, I’ll help you set goals and actions towards those goals. And I’ll support and encourage you to go after them in a structured, supportive and realistic way.


All programmes begin with a no-obligation free taster session to discuss what’s lead you to explore coaching, how I can help, and give you some tools so we can decide if coaching is right for you.

Then we can decide which programme will best serve your needs.

I had some coaching sessions with Karen for approximately 2-3 months because I was not where I wanted to be in my life. I love Karen’s approach to my challenges and her positivity. Every time I finished a session with Karen I felt more and more confident that I was able to achieve my goals and I did. There are so many coaches out there and few are good and special, and Karen is one of those few. – Sylvia Nicholas, Madrid

Email me if you’d like to book a free introductory discovery session or discuss the options below.

Foundations programme

You’re struggling with a specific issue. Maybe you have a tough decision to make but are finding it difficult to identify your priorities. In the foundations programme I’ll help you identify what’s at the heart of the issue and give you practical tools you can use instantly to move forward.

• Runs over a period of one month
• Sessions in Victoria Park

Going Deeper programme

You want to make big changes in your life – change career direction, start a new project – but you’re not sure how. You need to understand the ingrained or recurring habits of thinking and behaving which prevent you from making the changes which allow you to move forward in your life.

• Runs over a period of two months 
• Sessions in Victoria Park

Accelerator Programme

A continuous and comprehensive process of self-exploration; it’s perfect for you if you’re ready to make some big, meaningful, sustainable changes in your life, and be held accountable for taking action.

• Runs over a period of three months
• Sessions in Victoria Park

Immersion Days

You love spending time in nature and want to make changes in your life, but you are unable to commit to regular, weekly sessions. The immersion days allow you to delve deeply into your big questions over a half or whole day, instead of over a longer coaching programme. You decide a beautiful green space of your choice.

• Condensed version of the above programmes
• Sessions in East London’s Victoria Park, a green space near you (such as Regent’s park, Hyde park, Hampstead Heath etc.), or outside London –e.g. Surrey, Kent or East and West Sussex, south coast


The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator is an excellent tool for understanding yourself and others better. With this understanding you’re clearer about your ideal style of decision-making or how you go about planning, thus enabling better personal development choices.

Knowing my personality type and how it affects me has also caused me to be more compassionate, understanding and tolerant towards other people and their differences.  This has alleviated certain frustrating interactions with others because the insight into personality type allows me to put myself in their position and see their point of view. – Jess Rousseau

MBTI can help you understand:
• how you are at your best
• what your communication style is 
• how you approach problem-solving and decision-making
• how others might see you
• how you deal with change
• how you are under stress
• what your working style is


Do you want to live guided by the wisdom of your body, and not rely purely on your thoughts? The reflective focusing process helps you find and change where things in your life have become stuck.

I’ve been doing focusing sessions with Karen for the past few years. I arrange to meet with her when I’m blocked and I’m avoiding doing a project or when I’m feeling extremely anxious about a situation and I can’t figure out why. Karen is warm and trustworthy and I find that a focusing session with her is an incredible way to solve a problem that is too emotional for me to figure out on a rational level. I always enjoy the experience and the personal insights that emerge from the process. Frida, London

• 4-session introduction to focusing if you want to learn how to focus and listen to the wisdom of your body
• 1:1 individual focusing sessions to explore an area in your life where you feel stuck or unsettled

I just wanted to thank you again for the focusing sessions.  It feels like a magical process that I experience as deeply integrating and healing.  I was feeling really fragmented and restless before the sessions and afterwards I felt so peaceful, relaxed and loving. – Sarah, London

Email me to discuss what is the best way to approach your particular circumstances.

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