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Just by walking, touching the earth, looking around and being surrounded by life and green space makes us relax and open up.

I offer 1:1 coaching outdoors as well as Team Building Workshops in natural settings because that’s where reflection, creativity, insight and change can happen most naturally. I offer a range of coaching programmes for different client needs.

The pace of our busy lives can easily cut us off from nature and its seasonal energy to which our body, mind and soul are so closely connected.

When we spend time outdoors and connect to what’s around us through our senses – what we see, hear and feel – we slow down, ground ourselves and become more spacious inside.

As we walk our brain starts to focus on our muscles and body and as a result our brain waves slow to alpha waves where your unconscious mind can streamline your thoughts, reflect and generate new ways of thinking, ideas and solutions.

Nature is where we come from, and it’s where we are most at ease. Taking time out to spend time in nature has a wealth of beneficial impacts on our psychological, mental, emotional and physical well being.

Free initial taster session

Finding the right life coach for you is important. That’s why I offer all new clients a free 30 minute taster session to make sure that my approach works best for you.

Phone 07815 591279 or email to book your free taster session.

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