Take work outside

Celebrate Outdoor Office Day 16 June Nature is a great catalyst for creative thinking and stress reduction. Taking a walk, spending a short time in green space also helps us to recharge, to let go of concerns and gain fresh perspective. With these and so many more benefits to our wellbeing, it makes sense to proactively … Read more

Empty Office Day 17th June

Discover the benefits of working outdoors Nature is a great catalyst to creative thinking, problem-solving and stress reduction and London, as one of the greenest cities in the world, offers many small green squares and big parks. Even a walk round the block helps to reset our mood and regain perspective on things. Empty Office … Read more

Does mindfulness have a role in the workplace?

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Does mindfulness have a role in the workplace?

Practising mindfulness in the workplace can help to completely shift how we experience work and how we respond to stress and anxiety levels in our day-to-day. How many of you – employee, manager or leader – have noticed stress, anxiety, low morale in your workplace? How many of you have experienced it yourself? How many … Read more

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