The Road to Financial Freedom

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The Road to Financial Freedom

How to get in touch with your ‘core’ money story This year I found the road that leads to financial freedom and on the journey I have made some crucial insights. I have learnt that the road to financial freedom begins in an entirely different place to where I first imagined. I have learnt that … Read more

Tips for avoiding burnout

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Tips for avoiding burnout

How to recognise the signs of burnout The summer holiday season is a good time to prepare ourselves for our return to work and routines. We come back from holiday relaxed and restored and can’t quite imagine that it could be otherwise. But often,without noticing, we slip back into the rat race and routines and … Read more

Compassion for oneself and others

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Compassion for oneself and others

It can be hard dealing with negative feelings so don’t forget to  to show yourself a little compassion during these times. It’s not weak or self-indulgent, indeed self compassion can help you understand and be compassionate to others. I recently came to the realisation of just how much resentment and anger I’ve been holding on … Read more

Tips for your well-being

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Tips for your well-being

Life is 10% about what happens to us and 90% about how we react Life can be a juggling act and balancing the demands of work and finances, family and friends, personal interests with staying fit and healthy – can be a real challenge and very stressful. When we consider that 90 per cent of life … Read more

How to keep momentum beyond January..

…the month of new beginnings The beginning of the year, a time of fresh starts and great hope that we will live life more fully, doing all the things we really want to do. And then it doesn’t quite go to plan. We lose momentum and the pattern of unconscious day to day living resumes. … Read more

The end of another year

A precious time to ask ourselves important questions We often experience the end of the year as a very busy, full and stressful period with many demands on our time and energy. For many of us it is also a very emotionally charged time of year as we sense the spoken and unspoken family expectations … Read more

Asking for support

The challenges and benefits of asking for support Over the years I’ve come to realise what a crucial life skill it is to be able to ask for support when you need it. My parents divorced when I was two and my sister three. My mother had to work and so my sister and I … Read more

Change – how do you feel about it?

For better and for worse, things are changing all the time. Change happens consistently and continuously in each and everyone’s life. In fact it’s something we can be 100 per cent sure of. That’s good to know isn’t it? Perhaps sometimes. When you initiate the change yourself, it can be easy to adopt since it’s a … Read more

Get more from your green space moment

We all have our favourite green spaces around where we live and perhaps work – spaces which resonant strongly with us, help us to relax, to unwind, to think more clearly. I live and work in London and over the years, I have explored many of the Capital’s green spaces. Victoria Park, Regent’s Park, Green … Read more

It can be tough changing ingrained habits January – the month that fills us with great hope that we will do all the things we really want to do. Why then is it, come mid-January, that our New Year’s resolutions – all the things we’ve wanted to change so wholeheartedly, start dropping off our agenda … Read more

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