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Tips to get us through those tough moments during the festive season…

We often experience the end of the year as a very busy, full and stressful period with many demands on our time and energy. For many of us, it is also the most emotionally charged time of the year. We sense the spoken and unspoken family expectations in the run-up and during the festive season. … Read more

Taking time out 

When is the right time to do something you’ve always wanted to do? Last April, I spent two weeks in the Scottish Highlands, away from it all – offline and in the pleasure of just my own company (and that stunning scenery).  It was one of the most fulfilling, restorative and peaceful experiences I’ve ever … Read more

Can a mindfulness practice be life changing?

For many years and from a young age, anxiety was a constant, unpleasant companion – that is until I was introduced to the practice of mindfulness. When you’re in a difficult space, it’s hard to see the wood for the trees. It’s a challenge to consider anything but the familiar. However, just sometimes, the advice … Read more

Take control of how you react to stress and anxiety

When we spend most of our life in a state of heightened alertness or stress with adrenaline pumping around our bodies all the time, our hormone balance becomes disrupted and cannot return to its normal state even when our stress level drops. Many of us then find it hard to wind down, to ground ourselves … Read more

Which one are you?
Is the glass half full or half empty?

Why does joy matter? The answer to this question is one we already know and often forget: when we are joyful, energised and in a good space, everything else in our life improves. We think better, we communicate better, we can manage our time better and we deal with difficulties better. We are better parents, partners, … Read more

Daily tips to help achieve a balanced life and greater wellbeing

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Achieving greater wellbeing:a model for a more balanced life, Green Space Life Coaching

A healthy and balanced lifestyle is key to our wellbeing I find that September can feel a bit like a new beginning as it marks the end of the summer holiday season and the start of a new school year. New beginnings come with a particular uplifting energy which we can tap into in order … Read more

How to let go of judgements

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Making snap judgements cartoon c. New Yorker Magazine
How to let go of judgements

It’s in our nature to make judgements – good and bad, about ourselves and about others. Often the judgements we make are unfounded, wildly inaccurate or self-judgements we harbour projected onto others. What’s more – they don’t tend to make us feel particularly happy or good about ourselves. None of us are immune to making … Read more

Mindfulness – a life changing practice?

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Mental Health Awareness Week - Mindfulness

How mindfulness changed my life Mindfulness has changed my life. This statement might seem a bit grand and profound and yet, this has been my experience. Mindfulness is by no means a quick fix. Living mindfully is a practice that unfolds and deepens over time and I feel hugely grateful to my first mindfulness teacher … Read more

Does mindfulness have a role in the workplace?

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Lunchtime mindfulness course to improve wellbeing at Work
Does mindfulness have a role in the workplace?

Practising mindfulness in the workplace can help to completely shift how we experience work and how we respond to stress and anxiety levels in our day-to-day. How many of you – employee, manager or leader – have noticed stress, anxiety, low morale in your workplace? How many of you have experienced it yourself? How many … Read more

World Mental Health Day, 10th October

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World Mental Health Day, 10th October

When did you last ask yourself, how am I really? *** FREE Mindfulness based Wellbeing Walks in Victoria Park Friday 17th October & Saturday 18th October. Details below.*** People of all ages and backgrounds can be affected by anxiety, stress and depression. Indeed, the World Health Organisation has predicted that it will be the second … Read more

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