How to keep momentum beyond January..

…the month of new beginnings The beginning of the year, a time of fresh starts and great hope that we will live life more fully, doing all the things we really want to do. And then it doesn’t quite go to plan. We lose momentum and the pattern of unconscious day to day living resumes. … Read more

Walk London this weekend

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Walk London this weekend

Autumn Ambles 28th- 29th September If you need an incentive to get out and explore the capital – check out Autumn Ambles this weekend. A fabulous series of FREE led walks all over London, organised by Walk London. No booking necessary. Walk London has worked with the local authorities to develop an impressive network of … Read more

Introducing people to Life Coaching Outdoors It is always such a pleasure to introduce people to my unique approach to life coaching – outdoors in London’s parks and green space. Over the summer I had the pleasure of  taking several new clients for sessions outdoors and I’m really looking forward to more sessions this autumn, … Read more

Change – how do you feel about it?

For better and for worse, things are changing all the time. Change happens consistently and continuously in each and everyone’s life. In fact it’s something we can be 100 per cent sure of. That’s good to know isn’t it? Perhaps sometimes. When you initiate the change yourself, it can be easy to adopt since it’s a … Read more

Get more from your green space moment

We all have our favourite green spaces around where we live and perhaps work – spaces which resonant strongly with us, help us to relax, to unwind, to think more clearly. I live and work in London and over the years, I have explored many of the Capital’s green spaces. Victoria Park, Regent’s Park, Green … Read more

A good walk puts things right

Just why is walking and being outdoors so good for us? Clare Balding’s new series of Ramblings on BBC Radio 4 Walking for Self Improvement explores how walking can make us better – calmer, fitter, cleverer, more positive – more in tune with our emotions. The episode “Walking for Spiritual Renewal” (14/2/13) particularly caught my … Read more

White Space Life Coaching

Embrace the seasons… The snow arrived but it didn’t deter. Last Friday I meet three clients in Green Park. It was icy cold but I felt inspired and motived to get out there because that’s how I want to work, in nature, in green space with my clients – in the freshness and crispiness of … Read more

A life based on contingency?

“I really, really want to start doing what I want to do, I’ve had enough. I want to stop doing what others expect of me or what I think others expect me to do.” The great temptation of human existence is to base our life on contingency. We often believe that when I have the … Read more

Culture with Conscience

Got the wrong end of the stick about life coaching? It’s not unusual. In fact, a few months ago, I was delighted to finally meet Ellie Good, Editor and Founder of EggMag – ‘the online magazine that takes greener living ideas to the heart of the UK’s popular culture. It’s ethical living, without living less. … Read more

including singing in harmony with nature I’m always looking to find ways in which to enable more people to experience the benefits of life coaching and to experience the wonderful impact nature and green space has on our well being. Over the next few months, I will be offering a number of different events, all … Read more

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