Does an undercurrent of guilt taint your experience of life?

Many of us live with feelings of guilt – guilt from spending too much or not enough time doing things, guilt of ‘bad’ habits, guilt from not being honest about feelings or living out of line with values. In this blog, I share some tips for how to work with guilt which I hope will … Read more

When fear holds us back

Meeting our fears with compassion Fear is a constant companion for so many of us. Fear of the unknown, fear of taking a risk, fear of conflict, fear of failure, fear of our own potential, fear of change. Fear in itself is not a bad thing. The innate intention of fear is always positive, helping … Read more


Sorrow and grief resist words There are no words to describe what it feels like when we lose a loved one. The sorrow and sadness that enter our body and soul are of unfathomable depth. To go into this depth is a tall task. Just recently someone I know well lost their teenage daughter. This … Read more

Change – how do you feel about it?

For better and for worse, things are changing all the time. Change happens consistently and continuously in each and everyone’s life. In fact it’s something we can be 100 per cent sure of. That’s good to know isn’t it? Perhaps sometimes. When you initiate the change yourself, it can be easy to adopt since it’s a … Read more

A life based on contingency?

“I really, really want to start doing what I want to do, I’ve had enough. I want to stop doing what others expect of me or what I think others expect me to do.” The great temptation of human existence is to base our life on contingency. We often believe that when I have the … Read more

Rachel King - Happy Feet, Happy Heart
Happy Feet, Happy Heart

It is true. I speak from experience. This week Rachel King gave me the most wonderful and relaxing Thai foot massage. After only a few minutes into the massage I could sense the tension from the day just flowing out of my body and into Rachel’s hands. I could also feel my eye lids becoming softer … Read more

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