Kindness – a gift we all benefit from

How practising kindness can help us enjoy the Christmas season  Christmas can be a challenging time. Where we want to be with family, we also find that it’s when our buttons are most easily pressed. What starts of as a happy family event can end in dramatic falling out, arguments, disconnection, alienation, pain and hurt.   In our western Judaeo-Christian culture, love, kindness, peace and connection are praised as ‘Christmas virtues’, however, it strikes me that quite the opposite is often true in our families … Read more

Who’s up for a different festive experience?

The festive season is a time of contrasting delights and emotions. Where it’s hard not to get just a little excited by the lights and decorations or be drawn to the energy of a new year, and the chance for new beginnings, there’s the anticipation of spending extended time with family and loved ones – … Read more

Stay on track with your New Year Resolutions

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Stay on track with your New Year Resolutions

So often resolutions fall by the wayside despite the great intentions and the momentum which comes with the start of a new year. Before we’re even aware of it, a pattern of unconscious day to day living resumes and we find ourselves pretty much back in the same place as before. Not this year. Here’s … Read more

Keep expectations realistic and appreciate the time spent with your family this Christmas. A few years ago, a survey found that the average British family will have at least five arguments on Christmas Day! The Christmas and New Year period is such an interesting time. On one hand we have the magic of the lights, … Read more

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