It’s all about me

As I write, I’m sitting in my garden enjoying the silence around and inside of me – and the space within that comes with being by myself… me time. Every so often I want and need regular time to myself – time  I spend alone to potter around the house, to snooze, to read, to … Read more

Change – how do you feel about it?

For better and for worse, things are changing all the time. Change happens consistently and continuously in each and everyone’s life. In fact it’s something we can be 100 per cent sure of. That’s good to know isn’t it? Perhaps sometimes. When you initiate the change yourself, it can be easy to adopt since it’s a … Read more

A good walk puts things right

Just why is walking and being outdoors so good for us? Clare Balding’s new series of Ramblings on BBC Radio 4 Walking for Self Improvement explores how walking can make us better – calmer, fitter, cleverer, more positive – more in tune with our emotions. The episode “Walking for Spiritual Renewal” (14/2/13) particularly caught my … Read more

It can be tough changing ingrained habits January – the month that fills us with great hope that we will do all the things we really want to do. Why then is it, come mid-January, that our New Year’s resolutions – all the things we’ve wanted to change so wholeheartedly, start dropping off our agenda … Read more

Planning some New Year Resolutions? …

Try setting some meaningful intentions for the year ahead Why is it that our New Year resolutions are so short lived, that all the things we want to do so wholeheartedly drop off our agenda so quickly? We put so many expectations on the month of January – the month of starting anew, the month … Read more

All is calm… all is bright?

Feeling drained, stretched and stressed in the run-up to Christmas? I contributed to this month’s issue of Woman & Health – full of practical tips for how not to let the festive season overwhelm and get to you. And yet it does get to so many of us! Well, it doesn’t need to be like that. Here’s just … Read more

Resilience – why do we need it?

We all get our fare share of crises, challenges and difficult situations, some big, others small. But why is it that some people are better at recovering from these difficult times and situations than others? Resilience – our ability to overcome adversity, illness, challenges, continues to be a subject of wide study since the early … Read more

Stuck in your comfort zone?

Is it time to embrace and enjoy the journey of change? The payoff can be huge. Try my 3 tips for helping you to make those changes for the better easier. Do you prefer to stay in your comfort zone, the zone you know so well? We are all guilty of it! Just why is … Read more

A life based on contingency?

“I really, really want to start doing what I want to do, I’ve had enough. I want to stop doing what others expect of me or what I think others expect me to do.” The great temptation of human existence is to base our life on contingency. We often believe that when I have the … Read more

We are all prone to living in our heads, analysing what’s going on in our lives, trying to make sense of ourselves and the world. We rarely listen sufficiently to the messages of our body. About two years ago my colleague Adrian asked whether I had heard of the practice of Focusing. I hadn’t then, … Read more

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