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“You challenged me to look more closely at my fears. And in doing so I realised that they were unfounded. So I’ve taken the leap and I’m open to all the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.” Nikki


Nikki got in touch because she was finding it difficult to decide whether or not to leave her job after six years. At first I gave Nikki plenty of time to talk through all the reasons to stay in her job and all the things she could do if she left. Attentive listening helped her to lay her options and everything that was on her mind ‘on the table’, so that she could consider each carefully, one by one. This process, however, didn’t bring her any closer to making a decision as Nikki’s fears and worries around what may or may not happen if she left her job were in the way.

We so often seek to run away from our fears, hide from them, when sometimes, acknowledging our fears and concerns, sitting with them rather than pushing them away or wanting to get rid of them can actually help. I asked Nikki to sense inside for where she felt fear in her body and to acknowledge her fear, and in so doing so Nikki was able to explore what her fear was about, to look at it a little closer, and to realise that what she was afraid of was unlikely to happen.

This was a turning point for Nikki. Here’s what happened next, in her words:
“I made my decision last week to hand in my notice. I expect to finish by end of January. Then my plan is to move to Paris in January for a 3-month course at Sorbonne university. This will take me through to the end of May when I’ll move in with my partner further north and get a dog. And a job. So there you have it. You challenged me to look more closely at my fears. And in doing so I realised that they were unfounded. So I’ve taken the leap and I’m open to all the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.”

Thank you so much again.“ – Nikki, London


Finding time to make her own art again was what first drew Maggie, single mother of Roxy aged 8, to life coaching. With a Master’s Degree in Fine Art from the University of East London, Maggie felt stuck in her life and lacked the confidence to make the first steps towards rebuilding a career as an artist.

Over the course of 5 sessions I helped Maggie to clarify what she really wanted and what was holding her back from getting it. Lack of confidence, lack of focus and a missing studio space for her artwork came to the surface.

“My sessions with Karen where a constant surprise to me. I really did not know what to expect, I knew I wanted change in my life and I had a vague idea in which direction I wanted things to move, but I had no idea how to implement or even vocalise them.

Karen helped me to see what was most important to me in my life and to identify things that were working well and those which were not.”

We talked through how to find an affordable studio space and worked out a weekly task and time planner that was realistic and manageable and most importantly motivating.

“Not only has Karen given me emotional support during my time of change but she has also given me really good practical advice, which I was not expecting and which has been more helpful than I realised.

The support and strength shown to me during my sessions are something that I will be able to draw upon for a long time to come. My life has changed, I’m motivated, full of ideas for my art and most importantly I have the skills and courage to carry on in this positive direction.”

Maggie Rose, London

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