What is love?

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What is love?

Love – it’s the single thing that most fuels our popular culture from music to literature, from film and the performing arts to poetry – but what is love all about? Although I agree that romantic love is one of the most beautiful, deep and exhilarating things we can experience; in the run up to … Read more

Getting to know me

The benefits of becoming more self-aware The more we become aware of ourselves and get to know ourselves – our likes, dislikes, our responses to others and the world, our feelings and moods; the more we can work on the things we don’t like so much and the more we can change and take control … Read more

How to keep momentum beyond January..

…the month of new beginnings The beginning of the year, a time of fresh starts and great hope that we will live life more fully, doing all the things we really want to do. And then it doesn’t quite go to plan. We lose momentum and the pattern of unconscious day to day living resumes. … Read more

The end of another year

A precious time to ask ourselves important questions We often experience the end of the year as a very busy, full and stressful period with many demands on our time and energy. For many of us it is also a very emotionally charged time of year as we sense the spoken and unspoken family expectations … Read more


Sorrow and grief resist words There are no words to describe what it feels like when we lose a loved one. The sorrow and sadness that enter our body and soul are of unfathomable depth. To go into this depth is a tall task. Just recently someone I know well lost their teenage daughter. This … Read more

Little and often

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Little and often

A formula that will stand you in good stead I have quite a few plants in my house which friends often comment on when they visit ‘What lovely plants, you must have green fingers’. Where I always agree with friends on how lovely the plants are, I never confirm that I’m particularly good with plants. … Read more

Walk London this weekend

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Walk London this weekend

Autumn Ambles 28th- 29th September If you need an incentive to get out and explore the capital – check out Autumn Ambles this weekend. A fabulous series of FREE led walks all over London, organised by Walk London. No booking necessary. Walk London has worked with the local authorities to develop an impressive network of … Read more

Change – we want it and yet we resist it

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Change – we want it and yet we resist it

Let’s try something different – tantalisingly tempting as it sounds, we often resist change My work as a life coach revolves around change all the time. I work with people looking to make sustainable changes in different areas of their life – work, relationships, work/ life balance, self esteem, the way they manage stress or … Read more

Introducing people to Life Coaching Outdoors It is always such a pleasure to introduce people to my unique approach to life coaching – outdoors in London’s parks and green space. Over the summer I had the pleasure of  taking several new clients for sessions outdoors and I’m really looking forward to more sessions this autumn, … Read more

Asking for support

The challenges and benefits of asking for support Over the years I’ve come to realise what a crucial life skill it is to be able to ask for support when you need it. My parents divorced when I was two and my sister three. My mother had to work and so my sister and I … Read more

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