including singing in harmony with nature I’m always looking to find ways in which to enable more people to experience the benefits of life coaching and to experience the wonderful impact nature and green space has on our well being. Over the next few months, I will be offering a number of different events, all … Read more

Why choose life coaching?

I’m always really keen to tell clients that coaching sessions are something to look forward to, something to enjoy – that they are an important investment in yourself. And so it was for me… I turned to a life coach because I was very unhappy in my job and on the verge of a burn-out. … Read more


It’s often said that stress is actually good for us but it’s important not to confuse stress with stimulation Keeping active, mentally and physically is absolutely essential for good health. But a prolonged states of stress can leave us feel drained and little alive. So, what is stress? We talk more about stress than we … Read more

New Years Resolutions or Intentions…

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Tips for staying on track with your intentions for 2012 January, the month of starting anew, the month that fills us with hope that we will do all the things we really want to do, that we have been postponing until the New Year, that we have been procrastinating over. January, the month that – … Read more

Stress or enjoyment during the Christmas Season?

Making this pre-Christmas period as stress free as possible A short while ago I was interviewed by a women’s wellbeing website about my thoughts on some typical issues that women encounter daily and why I think that is. It lead me to come up with this blog of tips and insights which I hope you … Read more

There are many choices in a day and we are only conscious of some of them We make choices all day long, consciously and unconsciously. We start the day and make choices about what to do first, second, third etc. It starts in the morning with choosing what to wear or what to have for breakfast. The … Read more

The Power of Green

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The colour green

Some reflections on the colour green…. Last week I went for a walk in the park with a close friend. We were walking and chatting and all of a sudden she looked around, took a deep breath, released a big sigh and then stopped and said: “Green is doing me so much good! When I … Read more

Is your life in balance?

Many clients take up coaching because they feel that there lacks balance between the different areas of their life. Often it’s a matter of too much work and not enough time at home, with friends, a partner or family. But our lives are complex and are made up of more areas than work and family … Read more

Watch me life coaching TV comedy writer Alex, in Battersea Park

On a journey of self improvement in mind, body and spirit… A few months ago I was approached to give a life coaching session to TV and radio comedy writer Alex Worrall,  on his journey of self improvement in mind, body and spirit for The Guardian. Read his blog here, or watch a film of our session. … Read more

Step out into autumn

Green Space autumn workshops in pictures I hope you’ve had a chance to make the most of this mild weather and step out into your nearest green space to experience autumn. I’ve uploaded some photos from my Nature Connection Workshop at Organiclea, near Epping and the first of our Nature Connection Seasonal Walks which took … Read more

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