Stuck in your comfort zone?

Is it time to embrace and enjoy the journey of change? The payoff can be huge. Try my 3 tips for helping you to make those changes for the better easier. Do you prefer to stay in your comfort zone, the zone you know so well? We are all guilty of it! Just why is … Read more

A life based on contingency?

“I really, really want to start doing what I want to do, I’ve had enough. I want to stop doing what others expect of me or what I think others expect me to do.” The great temptation of human existence is to base our life on contingency. We often believe that when I have the … Read more

Rachel King - Happy Feet, Happy Heart
Happy Feet, Happy Heart

It is true. I speak from experience. This week Rachel King gave me the most wonderful and relaxing Thai foot massage. After only a few minutes into the massage I could sense the tension from the day just flowing out of my body and into Rachel’s hands. I could also feel my eye lids becoming softer … Read more

We are all prone to living in our heads, analysing what’s going on in our lives, trying to make sense of ourselves and the world. We rarely listen sufficiently to the messages of our body. About two years ago my colleague Adrian asked whether I had heard of the practice of Focusing. I hadn’t then, … Read more

Play is not just for kids, it’s for everyone

How often do you play? I have recently reflected on the areas in my life that I have neglected over the past years:  friends and playing came out top. So about two weeks ago, when I went to East London’s Victoria Park for a stroll, I acted on my sudden urge to do some cartwheels. … Read more

Intuitive Counselling…

Introducing my dear friend Mili If I had to describe my work in one sentence, I’d say I’m a mirror, helping my clients to connect to the wisdom they already have within. Mili Kaikkonen I’ve been musing this week just how wonderful it is to make space to learn from others who touch our lives; … Read more

When life is happening…. Words are spoken, emails are received, food is eaten, long to-do lists written, things appear or don’t appear. We wake up in the morning, we open our eyes and events happen all day long, until we go to sleep. This year I’ve had a very conscious and intense experience of this: a dear … Read more

Culture with Conscience

Got the wrong end of the stick about life coaching? It’s not unusual. In fact, a few months ago, I was delighted to finally meet Ellie Good, Editor and Founder of EggMag – ‘the online magazine that takes greener living ideas to the heart of the UK’s popular culture. It’s ethical living, without living less. … Read more

Part two …. A few weeks ago I shared some tips on how to maintain a balanced week by introducing some very simple things into your every day. I always find it amazing how such small things can make such a profound difference – with the added benefit of allowing us to get to know … Read more

Part one…. However well intentioned we might be about seizing the fresh energy which comes with the start of a new week, it’s very easy to slip into familiar routines, habits and for little to change. For many of us, this can leave us feeling stuck in a rut and dissatisfied with the lack of balance in … Read more

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