I’m a mindfulness trainer and life coach working in East London’s Victoria Park. I help people like you clarify and tackle your goals in London’s beautiful parks and green spaces.

Instead of talking face to face in a consultation room we’ll walk and talk in nature, where conversation flows more easily and the open space of our surroundings creates space to slow down, think more creatively and walk our way out of an issue and into a solution.

Whether you’re struggling to make a change in your personal life, or your team at work needs a reboot, we’ll address your challenges together in one of London’s parks and green spaces.

My Story

My life has had as many twists and turns as any. I began my career in film translation in Germany and France, before a move to London led me to a very demanding job.

I began exploring coaching as a way of managing myself better, which put me on the path to creating Green Space Coaching and Mindfulness.

In a step towards lining up my values and work, I then switched to a role in the charity sector where I could combine my love for people and nature.

For 9 years I worked in organisational development for an environmental charity, gradually building up my coaching business on the side. I finally took the plunge in 2014, going full time with Green Space Coaching and Mindfulness. I haven’t looked back since.

Why coaching outdoors in nature?

When I’m outdoors, I’m at my best and clients benefit as a result! From a young age, I’ve spent as much time as possible outdoors (walking, cycling, on horseback), enjoying how alive and happy it makes me feel. Clients pick up on this – people intuitively sense what makes us tick.

There is a growing body of research highlighting the benefits of nature on our wellbeing – confirming what we have always known, consciously or unconsciously. Nature is after all where we come from, our place of origin, and spending time in nature has a wealth of beneficial impacts on our psychological, emotional and physical wellbeing. This goes back to the ‘biophilia hypothesis’, advocated by the biologist E.O. Wilson, namely, that humans have a hard-wired disposition to connect with the natural world.

What qualifies me to coach you?

My personal journey with coaching and big life changes lets me empathise with you on a personal level, while my training ensures the support I provide is as helpful, compassionate and constructive for you as possible.

My training and professional influences include Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Myers Briggs Type Indicator based on Carl Jung’s Personality Type Theory, Breathworks Mindfulness Training for Stress and Chronic Pain, The Natural Learning Cycle as developed by Jon Young of 8-Shields Institute in the US, Ecopsychology, Focusing and Compassionate Communication.

I’m a member of the Association for Coaching, British Focusing Association and an Associate and Accredited Mindfulness teacher with Breathworks UK.  I have been a practicing Buddhist since 2008. Mindfulness practice and meditation have influenced my life in a meaningful way.

Ready to book a free introductory discovery session or consultation? Email me and we’ll take the first step from there.

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