What do you delight in?

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What makes your spirit soar? What brings you energy? What are your sources of inspiration?

What in your life fills you with awe and wonder, grounding you in the knowledge that you are a part of something much bigger.

Experiences which take us beyond the confines of daily life are vital for our wellbeing. They give us a sense of purpose and bring greater meaning to our life.

It’s not about being busy, but balance

For so many of us, life is very full with work, family and social commitments, however, it’s amazing just how little time we spend on things that nourish us, that inspire us, that make us feel alive.

This is not only my personal experience but through my work as a life coach where clients often arrive for a session exhausted from the relentlessness of day-to-day living. They’re on empty, depleted and uninspired.

Fitzrovia ChapelRecently I went to a Fourth Choir concert held in a small chapel that is considered one of London’s hidden gems – the Fitzrovia Chapel – an exquisite place for stillness and contemplation.

While taking my seat, I could feel my body filling with awe as I took in the breath-taking splendour of the chapel (this is no exaggeration). Its beauty and simplicity broadened my awareness, took me beyond my narrowed down day-to-day experience. Stillness and spaciousness arose within me and I felt that I could see a little further into my life; I could sense the preciousness of life and what it has to offer.

My experience in the Chapel is how I often feel when I immerse myself in nature and open green space – be it one of London’s beautiful parks or the countryside. It is this sense of awe which I seek to tap into when I take clients coaching while walking in green space. This three-minute film, shot it one of my favourite green spaces in London, Victoria Park, explains this in more detail or take a look at some filmed client testimonials

Time to refuel

When we’re in constant ‘doing mode’, busy getting on with daily chores, commitments and duties, our ‘life energy tank’ is in the red. From this place of running on almost empty, it becomes increasingly difficult to know what we need to nourish ourselves.

If this is true for you, I suggest that you make some time at the weekend, sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and reflect on the things you enjoy in your life, the things that give you energy (verses those which drain your energy), the things that make your heart sing, the things that you have always wanted to do but never have made time for.

If need be, think back to your childhood or youth and recall some of the things you enjoyed doing. Maybe you loved making things, playing outside, painting, playing an instrument etc. Often reconnecting with one of these things can be hugely enjoyable and gratifying.

When I was younger, horses were a huge passion of mine, and I loved spending time with my pony, Melody. On a recent retreat, I met a woman who lives near London with three horses. To my delight, she has invited me to come and meet her horses this month. When I think about this trip I feel elated. My eyes smile and my heart beats a little faster in anticipation. It was interesting for me to notice how easily I was able to make time for this!

It’s so important that we create balance in our life between activities such as work and other activities which restore and recharge our batteries. Activities which allow us to just be and to enjoy life without needing to achieve anything. I guarantee that you’ll marvel in just how motivating and inspiring these activities can be.

Not sure where to start, take a look at this list of ideas and things that that we can delight in, that nourish us:

Walthamstow Wetlands – Spend time in nature – in your garden or local park. Why not explore a new green space in your area? I recently visited Walthamstow Wetlands – Europe’s largest urban reserve which has just opened to the public. For more information see last month’s article in The Guardian

 – Get gardening – I’ve recently planted some spring bulbs. I’m delighting in how joyful these tulips will be come spring. This small act brought great happiness.

 – Spend time with horses or animals.

 – Meditation and contemplation at home or in a nearby quiet space like a chapel.

 – Take a walk in the countryside (see Time Out Country Walks for ideas and if you need some tips, let me know. I’ve done many of these walks over the last 16 years!).

 – Have a meaningful conversation with a trusted friend about things that matter to you, how you experience your life vs what you have been doing.

 – Be still in one of your favourite places at home with a cup of tea without any distractions (phone, radio, TV) and just enjoy being, without thinking of the next thing to do.

 – Visit an art installation – I can highly recommend “Life in Death” at Kew Gardens by Rebecca Louise Law.

 – Go to a music concert.

 – Join a choir for the sheer joy of singing (without needing to perform or to become excellent at it).

 – Get creative. Paint, draw or make.

 – Take up playing a musical instrument or reconnect with an instrument you once played.

 – Reflect daily on some good things that happened in your day. It’s much easier to focus on what felt difficult or unpleasant. Positive and negative experiences happen daily in equal measure – we can train our mind to notice the good things more often. See how it makes you feel.

As always, let me know how you get on. 

Warm wishes, 


PS – if you’re curious about trying life coaching while walking, these new video testimonials from clients will give you greater insight into how I work and what to expect. 


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