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Celebrate Outdoor Office Day 16 June

Nature is a great catalyst for creative thinking and stress reduction. Taking a walk, spending a short time in green space also helps us to recharge, to let go of concerns and gain fresh perspective.

With these and so many more benefits to our wellbeing, it makes sense to proactively bring the outdoors into our working day.

Last year, myself and fellow coach, Simon Hawtrey-Woore launched Outdoor Office Day to promote wellbeing by spending part of our working day outdoors, in natural green space. Inspired by Outdoor Classroom Day, we are calling on individuals, teams and organisations to integrate green space into the working day.

It’s easy to take part, here’s a few ideas that take very little organisation:

– Have a walking 1:1 meeting or take it to the park. 

– Hold your team meeting outside

– Take a walk at lunchtime or before a big meeting

– Walk part of the journey into or home from work

Just half an hour outside can make all the difference to our mindset, our sense of self and others, as well as our perspective on work and life in general.

The change of scene frees us from day-to-day constraints, pressures and habitual ways of thinking and behaving in our work environment.

Looking for ideas  – check out my tips for getting out of the office.

Facilitated Activities Outdoors

We’ve listed a host of activities organisations and teams can do – independently or with facilitation on the Outdoor Office Day page from team development workshops in natural green space using the natural learning cycle, facilitated organisational away days outdoors in one of London’s parks, guided walks with team activities, 1:1 coaching while walking in London’s green space for employees, managers and leaders and two-day residential workshops. 
What’s more, 5th June is World Environment Day – so let’s make plans to celebrate our green spaces by enjoying them more.

We hope you get a chance to mark Outdoor Office Day. Drop me a line karen@greenspacecoaching.com if you’d like to have a chat about Outdoor Office Day or activities you might like to explore with your staff or tea. I’d love to hear your ideas too. 

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