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Some years ago, I read a great analogy that I often use to help people understand life coaching.

It compared coaching to architecture – you are at a point in your life where you are ready to move forward and a coach draws from your wisdom and insight to begin drafting the “blueprints” for your future.

As a life coach, I thoroughly enjoy witnessing this journey of transformation, working with clients to overcome various barriers preventing them from getting to where they want to be in life.

do-something-scares-you_ways-challenge-yourselfIs anything holding you back from living the life you want to live?

Fear is the most common barrier. Fear of uncertainty, fear of not being good enough, fear of being vulnerable and being with our difficulties, fear of rejection, fear of our own potential …

I recently asked some clients, past and present to share their experience of life coaching, and in particular, my approach; life coaching while walking in green space.

Here’s what they said:

“I was struggling with life/work balance, and my work life and relationships with my partner, my friends and family were suffering. I felt I could live a healthier life, but wasn’t sure how best to start.” Jane

There is huge value in talking to an experienced and empathetic third party about issues that are personal, and probably of no interest to anyone other than oneself. The coaching was insightful and considered, gently challenging perceived beliefs without being obtrusive and personal.” Kate

“I felt coaching would help me get ‘unstuck’ in an area of my business which I knew I needed to work on, in a safe and private space. I had tried to solve this independently without success, so coaching gave me the space and tools to resolve it.”  Rebecca

“I can find it hard to express myself verbally and talking whilst walking seemed to take the pressure off a bit. The walking really helps me to process what is going on for me.” Sonya

“My preconception was that life coaching would be an expensive luxury, which, I think is misjudged. The cost of resolving a problem area has opened up a new stream of work to me and this is invaluable.” Rick 

Some key leanings:

“I have learned not to prejudge peoples’ opinion of me and to value myself. Karen made me look at myself in a completely different way, bolstering self-confidence and providing me with the tools to address periods of stress and indecision.” Kate

“I have learned how to be a friend to myself, to be more aware of fears that cause blockages and anxieties. I learned to address them and to find out where they come from.” Christine

“I have taken with me new confidence to apply to my business; peace of mind that I can overcome long-standing hurdles; and know that a walk in a park is a great place to think through issues.” Rebecca

“Coaching has taught me how to be comfortable with uncertainty.” Ruth

“In the coaching sessions I had the guidance of Karen to really unpick what was really happening for me. I feel I have gained skills in doing this myself through writing, reflection and mindfulness techniques and I use these regularly. I have developed much better self-care skills that help me balance a busy/stressful job with enjoying life. I am now able to better recognise and understand my emotions and respond to them independently. This has led to healthier relationships.” Sonya

I offer coaching while walking in Victoria park because of my own experience of how I feel when I spend time in nature. When I do, I feel grounded, I have clarity of mind and can see a little further into my life. That’s what I want to tap into and share with my clients. I believe that it is in green space that change, new ideas and ways forward can arise most naturally.

and what clients have to say about coaching while walking in green space:

 “I can find it hard to express myself verbally and talking whilst walking seemed to take the pressure off a bit. I find that it really helps me to process what is going on for me.” Sonya

 “I sit at a desk all day in front of two screens and the idea of walking around a beautiful park rather than sitting opposite each other in a room or on Skype was hugely attractive to me.” Kate

I have shared more client feedback and highlights here.  

A coach can help you create the framework for the design of your life going forward – working with you, supporting you in processing issues, tapping into your dreams and passions, setting goals and most importantly, helping you to gain momentum where you feel stuck.

Not sure? Book a free 30-minute taster coaching while walking session in Victoria Park to find out more. Email: Karen@greenspacecoaching.com or call: 07815 591279

To find out more about coaching and life coaching while walking approach, click here.

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