Stay on track with your New Year Resolutions

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So often resolutions fall by the wayside despite the great intentions and the momentum which comes with the start of a new year.

Before we’re even aware of it, a pattern of unconscious day to day living resumes and we find ourselves pretty much back in the same place as before.

Not this year. Here’s how to avoid the trap.

Plan your resolutions carefully:

Give yourself the time and space to think about what it is you want from the year ahead (take a long soak in the bath or go for a long walk). Often we set ourselves superficial resolutions, quick fixes which just scratch the surface of the real changes we want to see in the areas of our life that matter to us.

Be realistic: We set ourselves up for failure by seeking unrealistic change – too much, too quickly.  We then lose motivation.


Plan HOW you are going to make things happen?

So, you now know what you want; to do more regular exercise, to eat well, to create more ‘me time’, to be more productive at work and finish earlier, to reconnect with friends or revisit an old hobby or passion, but HOW are you going to make it happen? What changes do you need to set in place to get to where you want to be? Set a realistic course of action with achievable targets and the rewards will outweigh the effort by far.

Here are some tips:

Create good conditions for yourself: get clear about what needs to happen for you to, for example, do exercise twice a week. You might need to look at your calendar and be clear how you currently spend your time and create space for exercising. Let your partner/spouse/kids know, so that they know it’s important to you and can support you.

Ask yourself ‘what’s stopping me?’ If you don’t get around to exercising, ask yourself – ‘what’s stopping me?’ Are there some habitual thoughts that get in the way such as ‘I’m too tired’, ‘I haven’t got time’, ‘it’s too much effort on my own’ etc? Catch yourself when you do this unhelpful self-talk and think about what you could say which is more helpful, such as ‘I feel great when I do exercise’, ‘so and so managed to start running, so can I’, ‘I’ll feel proud of myself if I commit to this’ etc. At the same time imagine yourself exercising and think about how you will feel afterwards. It works.

Review how things go: When you have managed to do what you want to do, review how it went, what worked and what didn’t work. Consider how you might do things differently? If a morning run isn’t your thing, consider making time for a run in your lunch break or after work. Or if you find that running just isn’t for you, ask yourself ‘what else would I enjoy doing to stay fit and healthy?’ and check out what’s on offer locally. Keep going until you’ve found what you like and enjoy doing, then the effort will slip away. Remember: life is an exploration.

Don’t let another year pass by without doing what matters most to you.

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