The end of another year

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A precious time to ask ourselves important questions

We often experience the end of the year as a very busy, full and stressful period with many demands on our time and energy.

For many of us it is also a very emotionally charged time of year as we sense the spoken and unspoken family expectations and our own longing to do things better or differently in the New Year and the anxiety that comes with not quite knowing how to go about it. But all is not lost….

The days between Christmas and New Year can offer a precious moment to stop, to pause, to review and to look forward.

When reviewing your year or perhaps your life, you might feel that you’ve just been going through the motions, and that you haven’t been as fully present or as in charge of your life as you would have liked. That life somehow has lived you. This can be and often is a very painful realisation. And yet, this painful realisation is necessary for new beginnings to happen.

Catalyst of change

The good news is that we can all lift ourselves out of the pattern of unconscious day to day living and the treadmill of life and begin to listen to the quiet unrest within that signals a desire to live a more meaningful life. That signals a desire to do more of what we really want to do with our life .

The time around the Winter Solstice and the beginning of the New Year can serve – if we want it to – as a catalyst – where we make time to reflect, to ask ourselves demanding and important questions.

Demanding questions about how we live our life are crucial to render our life more conscious, to see more clearly how we live or don’t live our life. And when we really see, we can do something about it.

Many clients seek out a life coach when they are experiencing a dissonance between how things are now and how they’d like them to be.

A life coach can help you explore where you are now, what’s holding you back and how to integrate long-lasting and positive changes into your life. We can help you find answers to those important and demanding questions and define practical ways forward to achieving what you want from your life.

We all have the answers already within – its just that sometimes we need a little help to find them.

Wishing you a very fulfilling and meaningful New Year, one that resonates with your deepest longings

I’ll leave you with a lovely text by Lame Deer which I find very inspiring – it may ignite a spark in you too.


The Sioux medicine Man

by Lame Deer,

We Sioux believe that there is something within us that controls us, something like a second person almost. We call it nagi, what other people might call soul, spirit, or essence. One can’t see it, feel it or taste it, but that time on the hill – and only that once – I knew it was there inside of me. Then I felt the power surge through me like a flood. I cannot describe it, but it filled all of me. Now I knew for sure that I would become a wicasa wakan, a medicine man.



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