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As I write, I’m sitting in my garden enjoying the silence around and inside of me – and the space within that comes with being by myself… me time.

Every so often I want and need regular time to myself – time  I spend alone to potter around the house, to snooze, to read, to sit in the garden doing nothing, to reflect on how things are going in my life, to write… Sometimes I like to go for a stroll in my local park or plan a day out walking in the countryside. This is the best me time of all!

Everyday life is buzzing with other people’s thoughts, opinions, views, needs.

Perhaps this is why I find I want my ‘me time’ to be away from life’s distractions – from the radio, TV, social, other people – so that I can be at one with myself,  to have time to think through my own thoughts and feelings.

Spending time alone, allows us to cut through our inner and outer clutter and to get in touch with our own thinking, with our own values, to reflect on what’s happening in our life, to enjoy our own company, to do what we want to do, to restore and recharge our batteries, to gain clarity and perspective.

For many of us spending time on our own can be very challenging.

Family commitments or intense working schedules can make finding regular me time seem nigh impossible, or simply a fear of loneliness can be a barrier to creating me time. In fact, ‘me time’ is highly underrated in our culture. We often admire people who have a busy social or family life. It seems to be a social norm that the busier one is the more he or she is regarded as normal, healthy and sane.But not surprisingly these are often the people who suffer most from stress and anxiety. They are the people who complain most about a lack of time and their life feeling out of kilter.

Clients who feel like this talk about the desire to have more time to themselves. They long to have time where they can take a deep breath, slow down, to touch base with themselves away from the fullness and speed of life.

Me-time helps us to feel clear headed, well rested, awake and energised.

Anxious about spending time on your own? Take small steps. Many clients have found that life coaching helps them to identify 1-3 activities they feel excited about doing, exploring and enjoying on their own. Get in touch to book a free 30-minute taster session to find out how life coaching could benefit you. Here’s how it helped a recent client:

Ending a year focusing on the needs of someone else (my baby daughter), my time with Karen provided a space to think creatively about my own needs and wishes. It helped me to identify different priorities in my life and ways to incorporate these into my career and life plans for the future. I was able to stand back and assess my current and future position in a more objective way. As I look back now, I realise that the sessions marked the start of a journey as I became more focused on my ambitions and life priorities. I have since taken practical steps to realise these ambitions and feel like I continue to move forward. Karen Buchanan-Bird, London

If you are not used to spending time on your own think about things you enjoy doing and pick one thing that you can start doing. For example:

  • – Sitting in the garden with a cup of tea and a book
  • – Sitting on your sofa or comfy chair knitting
  • – Drawing or painting (start small)
  • – Looking at your photographs and arrange a print of your favourite shots
  • – Yoga, Pilates, meditation
  • – Going for a long walk in nature or a strole in your local park
  • – Having a long soak in a bath with candles
  • – Going to bed early to read or just for the joy of going to bed early

The list is endless…

Here is how you and take the first step and make it happen:

– Look at your diary every week or a month ahead and block out an evening every week or some time at the weekend and call it me-time – this can be anything between an hour, half a day or a whole weekend

– Make a commitment to spending some of that time in silence without any external input (radio, TV, music, talking on the phone/Skype or texting). For example, pottering around the house without the radio on, yoga, meditation, baking, cooking, drawing, painting, craft, knitting etc…

There are many things each of us enjoy. Sometimes we just need to make time to remind ourselves – by getting back in touch with what matters to us.

Summer with its long days is a great time to get started…

If you need a little help, let me know and we can arrange a 30-minute taster session in Victoria Park, via phone or Skype. Just call or email me.

4 Responses

  • Adeline says:

    A great and timely blog, Karen. I’ve been feeling very stretched in all directions and am now inspired to make some ‘me’ time to help me begin to think more clearly. Thank you.

  • Really enjoyed this piece. I like the idea that having me time is both a soul stocktake and creative. As a consequence took the dog for a walk & enjoyed the smell of lime flowers! Now back at my desk, energised. Nicola

    • Karen says:

      Hi Nicola

      I’m happy that my blog inspired you to take some time out for yourself. Maybe you can make it part of your daily routine? Let me know how it goes.


  • Karen says:

    Hello Adeline

    Thank you for your thoughts. I’m pleased you found my blog helpful to start making some time for your SELF. It doesn’t have to be much time but the thing really is when we do create time for ourselves, we benefit so much from it. We feel more resourceful, more energised, have clarity, and overall feel more positive.

    Go very well – Karen

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