Got the wrong end of the stick about life coaching?

It’s not unusual.

In fact, a few months ago, I was delighted to finally meet Ellie Good, Editor and Founder of EggMag – ‘the online magazine that takes greener living ideas to the heart of the UK’s popular culture. It’s ethical living, without living less. It’s conscientious consuming served with a big dollop of style.’ I couldn’t agree more with this description and just love the ezine.

It took a few gentle nudges to persuade Ellie to try my approach to life coaching. Her reservations, like others before her, were largely based on not really understanding how life coaching worked. Fortunately, curiosity won out!

“When I was approached by Karen, I was immediately a little sceptical. ‘I don’t need my life sorting! Isn’t life coaching like counselling? Surely that’s for people who don’t know what they want!’ I defensively thought. But the more I mulled it over, the more (secretly) appealing the idea became – especially when I learned that Karen’s unusual way of working is to take her clients for a stroll in the park.” Ellie Good

We met for a taster session at the start of spring in London’s Regents Park.

As I do with all my clients, I introduced how I work and asked Ellie which issue she would like to explore during our session. Like many of the clients I see today, Ellie wanted to explore the issues of managing stress and work loads. In our time pressurized lives, we often neglect to make essential time for ourselves and our needs, or indeed, time to redefine what these needs and desires are.

“I had chosen a topic I thought was a relatively surface issue (managing stress and work loads). Karen asked me to explain the problem in-depth and then asked what I wished to change about it. The more I spoke, the more I became aware that the stresses and strains I feel are little to do with time management, but are triggered by the pressure I put on myself: my personal expectations, and what I have come to understand as being the working ‘norm’ among other things – which all stem back years.” Ellie Good

What I enjoy most in my coaching work – indoors or outdoors – is to see people change, when they grow taller in themselves, when their eyes start to shine, when things become unstuck, when life starts to move again, when breakthroughs and shifts start happening – however small – insights gained, new plans made…. My aim is not to change people but to offer them a safe and confidential space where change can take place.

I’m here to offer you my curiosity and interest in your best thinking.

I’ll leave you with this food for thought from Ellie. Read more about Ellie’s experience in her blog: Give your life a breath of fresh air.

“It’s so easy to get caught up in the rat race, the daily grind, the day-to-day routine, that we forget to do a bit of soul-nurturing. We may make time for the odd massage or weekly drink with friends, but ask yourself, how much time do you actually spend thinking about how to make your life better, rather than just giving yourself a chance to ignore it: a quick release or pat on the back before everything inevitably returns to how it was the day before? The answer, if you’re anything like me, is not very much.”

Warm wishes,


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