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Part two ….

A few weeks ago I shared some tips on how to maintain a balanced week by introducing some very simple things into your every day.

I always find it amazing how such small things can make such a profound difference – with the added benefit of allowing us to get to know ourselves better – increase our self awareness. So in the second part of my blog you’ll find some more of these ideas.

At the weekend, spend some time reflecting on how your week has gone.

Monday: Spend 10 minutes (when commuting to work, getting reading in the morning) reflecting on your intentions for this week. How do you want to be? For example; focused, an attentive and present listener, kind, rested…?

Tuesday: Over breakfast or on your way to work, think about one kind deed that you could do today.

Invite a colleague, a friend, your partner for a drink; cook a meal for your partner; phone a friend and tell them how much you value them; help a neighbour; take someone’s shopping home; buy a bunch of flowers for someone you care about; smile at someone you normally don’t smile at and see what happens…

Wednesday: Get yourself a journal and write down the best bits of the week so far.

It might be an inspiring conversation you’ve had with a colleague at work, memories of a kind exchange with a stranger, someone smiled at you, a quality lunch break, a restful evening and sleep,  someone telling you how much they appreciate you…

Thursday: This is a good day to check-in with your self and your needs.

Do you really want to go out another night or do you need to spend some time at home to recharge your batteries? What is it that you really need today?

Friday: Why not do something different, fun, playful or creative this weekend? Something that you wouldn’t normally do, for example attend a fitness class, go swimming, take a long walk, get your paint kit out, bake a cake, take a nap, try out a new recipe, go charity shopping and be surprised….

Please share your experience. Email me.

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