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Is your life in balance?

Posted by Karen in Life Coaching tips

Many clients take up coaching because they feel that there lacks balance between the different areas of their life.

Often it’s a matter of too much work and not enough time at home, with friends, a partner or family.

But our lives are complex and are made up of more areas than work and family life.

Often there is an imbalance or conflict between two or more areas in our life which then causes us to feel out of balance, unhappy, stressed or challenged.

The Wheel of Life (see picture below) is not only a great tool to help us identify the imbalances but it’s also great for helping us to see the areas in are life which are going well.

The wheel enables us to take a snapshot of our life and to break it down into eight key areas. By drawing our wheel we can get a “helicopter view” and gain clarity and insight in several ways:

We can identify all important areas that concern us

We can see all the area(s) where we have been doing well

We can identify imbalances and conflicts/competition between different life areas

The Wheel of Life pictured, pretty much reflects the main areas the majority of people chose as being most important in their lives. However, the wheel is different for each one of us, so do feel free to choose life areas that I haven’t listed. Download and personalise your own wheel of life here.

Here is how it works:

1. Draw a wheel and divide it into sections using the diagram as a guide, noting in the different areas of your life which are important to you – usually people create 8 sections.

2. Next ‘rate’ how you think you are doing in each different area of your life. How satisfied are you with each area. Give each a score between 1-10 where 10 means ‘couldn’t be better’ and 0 means ‘ couldn’t be worse’. Colour in these sections so that you can see at a glance how you are doing. 0 is at the circle’s centre and 10 is the outer edge of the circle.

3. Once you’ve filled out each area, take a moment to look at all the areas of your life, at the wheel as a whole, and reflect on the following questions:

  • What insights can you get, ie what strikes you about your wheel? Is your work life great but your family life suffering? Do you have no time to see your friends?
  • On a scale of 1-10 how balanced do you think your life is (1 being not very balanced at all and 10 being very balanced)?
  • What conflicts might there be between different areas of your life?

For example, in my life, the area of career is about 70% filled while the area of romance is not filled out at all. I’m single and wish for a partner but because work, personal growth, health/fitness and close friendships take up almost all of my time and headspace at the moment, I’m not paying enough attention to my wish to being in a relationship. So there is clearly something out of balance here!

4. Look at your wheel again, where do you think is your leverage point, ie the area where change would have the biggest impact to the whole of your life?

For example, if I decided to reduce my working hours, I would not only have more time to put my attention on a potential relationship but it would very likely also have a positive impact on my health as well as on the quality of my friendships – they would probably see me more often and in a more relaxed and rested frame of mind!

5. Think about three actions you can take to move towards greater balance between the different areas in your life. When will you take the first action? Make a commitment to yourself. And how will you know that your life is starting to feel more balanced? What will you be doing differently? How will you feel?

Enjoy the exercise and let me know how you get on.


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