Summer Solstice

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A chance to reflect as the rain looks set to break for Summer Solstice tomorrow

Summer Solstice – the day with the longest period of daylight in the year. It’s the time of year when everything in nature has had the greatest period of growth and plants and trees are now getting ready to bear fruit.

This mid way point in the year is a good time to take stock and reflect on intentions, wishes and dreams at the beginning of the year and then to look forward to the second half of the year and what you may want to achieve, adjust or change.

I’ve just been through this process of reflection using an exercise called Being It. I find it hugely helpful for looking at things from a different perspective.

To do the exercise, you need to find a place in nature which resonates with you. This can be in a green space or park near you or one of your favourite places in the countryside. Once you’ve chosen your green space, take a wander; find a tree, plant, bush or flower that chimes with you. Imagine you are that tree, plant, bush or flower, step into its world and be it for 5 -10 minutes. Notice how you feel and how the world looks from this perspective.

This powerful exercise helps calm our busy minds and opens up our senses, giving us a different reality to enjoy, explore and learn from. When I do this exercise, I almost always feel attracted to a tall tree. I sit at the bottom of its trunk and become it. The strength and sturdiness always grounds me immediately, giving me a sense of peace and its sheer height offers an amazing outlook of the world! Try it out. Let me know how you get on the Green Space Facebook page.

By the way, I will be offering an additional evening life coaching sessions outdoors tomorrow for Summer Solstice between 5-9 pm. Please get in touch to book an appointment or refer a friend (15% discount on fees for referrals). Email or 07815 591279.


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