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How does life coaching differ from counselling?

The analogy by life coach Marty Nunez of Insight Life Coaching in Colorado explains this beautifully.

Counselling can be compared to archaeology. A counsellor is helping you look back, “digging” to see how you got here and where you are wounded. The counsellor works with you to bring understanding and healing from your past as you grasp and deal with your present.

Coaching can be compared to architecture. You are in the place in your life where you are ready to move forward. A coach will draw from your wisdom and insight to begin drafting the “blueprints” for your future. We will work together to process issues, tap into your dreams and passions, set goals, gain momentum where you feel stuck and create the framework for the design of your life.

Life coaching is very practical and success is measured by results. As your coach I will help you set goals and actions towards those goals. And I will support and encourage you to go after them in a structured and realistic way.

Free 30 minute taster session

Finding the right life coach for you is important. That’s why I offer all new clients a free 30-minute taster session to make sure that my approach works best for you.

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