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Karen Liebenguth – life coach & mindfulness trainer, Victoria Park, Hackney, Tower Hamlets

What I enjoy most in my coaching work – indoors or outdoors – is to see people change, when they grow taller in themselves, when their eyes start to shine, when things become unstuck, when life starts to move again, when breakthroughs and shifts start happening – however small – insights gained, new plans made….

I have always been curious about people, our connections, what makes us tick, what makes us sad, anxious or joyful and our potential for long-lasting change. In 2002, I was working for an international firm managing a team of diverse people in a highly competitive, unsupportive and deadline driven work environment. I felt I needed to do something that would not only help me deal with my own stress and anxiety but would also enable me to offer support to the members of my team.


The very idea of coaching while walking in green space emerged from a long walk in nature some years ago.

When I’m outdoors, I’m at my best and clients benefit as a result. From a young age, I have spent as much time as possible outdoors, enjoying how alive and happy it makes me feel. Clients pick up on this – people intuitively sense what makes us tick.

There is a growing body of research highlighting the benefits of nature on our wellbeing – confirming what we have always known – consciously or unconsciously. Nature is after all where we come from, our place of origin and spending time in nature has a wealth of beneficial impacts on our psychological, emotional and physical wellbeing.

In 2009 I started to offer 1:1 coaching in London’s parks and green spaces as well as team building and development workshops outdoors because I believe that’s where creativity, insight and change can happen most naturally.

I have been a practicing Buddhist since 2008. Meditation and mindfulness practice as well as Buddhist teachings have influenced my life and work in a meaningful way.

Other mayor training and influences in my work and life have been: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Myers Briggs Type Indicator based on Carl Jung’s Personality Type Theory, Breathworks Mindfulness Training for Stress and Chronic Pain, The Natural Learning Cycle as developed by Jon Young of 8-Shields Institute in the US, Ecopsychology, Focusing and Compassionate Communication.

I am a member of the Association for Coaching and British Focusing Association. I comply with both codes of practice.
I am an Associate and Accredited Mindfulness teacher with Breathworks-Mindfulness UK.

I have been delivering mindfulness courses since 2014 and have had my own practice for 10 years. I trained with Breathworks-Mindfulness UK, one of the UK’s leading mindfulness training organisations. I follow the Good Practice Guidelines set out by the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisations. There are many mindfulness teachers now in London and UK, but many are not properly qualified or experienced, so do take care when you book a course. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about my background and experience.


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