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The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) is one of the most popular personality type tools in the world.
It reflects what is at the heart of my coaching work: understanding self and others better, making personal development choices, so we can change and live our life from a deeper, fuller place.

Whatever the circumstances of your life, the understanding of  your personality type can make your perceptions clearer, your judgements sounder, and your life closer to your heart’s desire. Isabel Myers – creator of MBTI

As a qualified MBTI practitioner and facilitator, I can help you find out your personality type and help you understand:

  • – how you are at your best
  • – what your communication style is
  • – how you approach problem solving and decision making
  • – how others might see you
  • – how you deal with change
  • – how you are under stress
  • – what your working style is

and much more…

I offer MBTI sessions to individuals and organisations for personal development and team building as well as MBTI and coaching. 

MBTI adds another rich layer to my coaching work. As a personal development tool, it can be used to help us understand ourselves and others better – to discover what makes you and other personality types tick in different life situations. For more information about MBTI, please read my blog What makes you tick?



 – £290 to identify your MBTI Personality Type: includes 30-minute introduction to this package and clarification of outcomes, an online questionnaire & report, 90-minute MBTI session, MBTI booklet

 – £460 to identify your MBTI Personality Type & Coaching: includes 30-minute intro to this package and clarification of outcomes, an online questionnaire & report, 90-minute MBTI session, MBTI booklet + 2 x 60-minute coaching sessions

Please email me for more details or to book a free life coaching taster session

What clients say:

Knowing my type has helped me understand why and how I make decisions.  It helped me to discern between what I was afraid of (and why) and what was just simply ‘not me’. Why I have the feeling sometimes of being a round pin in a square hole. And the comfort this brought that it’s not because I’m flawed.  It’s just me.  At the same time it showed me that that feeling is an area that could I put more energy into in-order to create more balance in my life and to become the more rounded person that I seek to be.

Knowing my type and how it affects me has also caused me to be more compassionate, understanding and tolerant towards other people and their differences.  This has alleviated certain frustrating interactions with others because the insight into personality type allows me to put myself in their position and see their point of view. Jess Rousseau

My MBTI session with Karen was excellent and I got much more from it than I had expected, having been quite sceptical about the whole process beforehand.  Karen was very good at explaining what MBTI is and isn’t and how the resulting MBTI profile should and shouldn’t be viewed. She was very patient and sensitive in the way she facilitated the session, allowing me to arrive at my own sense of my type. She then took me through clearly and carefully what this means for me and my life. I heartily recommend Karen for an MBTI assessment. Tim Segaller, executive coach and director of Rising Minds, London


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