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I have been thinking about you frequently as I am in a very happy space in my life which you played an important part in enabling. I am due to marry later this year a man who fulfils everything I could want in a life partner. You helped me understand what I want from a relationship, both type and purpose, and without having done this I would not have achieved such happiness. You do a wonderful job and are very gifted. Verity, London

Thank you again for the wonderful coaching session yesterday – it was quite extraordinary, poetic and integrating. You are so amazingly skilled and talented and bring so much of yourself into your work. – Sarah, London

I made an amazing breakthrough with Karen. I have tried several times with others (and continually by myself), to unpick my problems and resolve them and this is the first time I have understood how to actually make a genuine change. Thank you so much for revealing that – it’s so important; a seismic shift. – Clare, London

I still fall from time to time, but now I pick myself up easier and help myself to recover quicker and I really enjoy time just by myself. I am more aware, I enjoy whatever I do and my choices and how I communicate are much clearer. I developed clear habits or routines and one of them is regular walks to Richmond Park to observe deer. Thank you Karen, without your help I would still be a lost soul! Now, I actually love my life. Kate, London

Karen has had a profound and positive impact on my life in just a few coaching sessions. She is very insightful and has a wonderful way of helping you get to the heart of what really matters. Karen’s unique approach to coaching – which involves walking and talking together outdoors – makes the whole process feel natural, relaxed and enjoyable. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to make positive changes in their lives.
Mark Williamson, Director, Action for Happiness

Great coaching session with Karen this morning. Wow did she make me think. Incisive and productive. HIGHLY recommend her!
Julie Daniels, founder and editor of E9 Magazine, London

I wanted to tell you again how appreciative I am of the time we spent together and how much you helped me start to understand what’s important and to start to learn to know myself. It’s been life changing and my outlook on my future has changed for the better.
Lucie, London

I found Karen’s gentle questions and reflective empathy extremely helpful with identifying and expressing the issues and conflict I found myself struggling with. She listened effectively and with sensitivity. Karen gave me space to reflect during the session which supported further processing of thoughts and feelings. This allowed me to gain perspective. I would have no hesitation in recommending her and will certainly consider further sessions should I need them.
Su, London

Karen’s approach is refreshing.  It is like taking a walk with a well informed friend. You almost forget that you’re having a session until suddenly you have an ‘ah ha’ moment, and Karen makes it feel like you came to it by yourself;  which you did because you were given the tools to make the discovery which is far more meaningful than being handed the answers on a platter!
Jess Rousseau

Thank you so very much for your coaching. It was a wonderful experience and has really stayed with me. You seemed to strike the perfect balance for me, of providing plenty of space and asking just the right question when needed. And I am very excited by the experience of coaching outside. It has given me much food for thought. The dynamic is different, for example, to face to face, because we are not facing each other. But the thing that really struck me was in having the conversation, while very present, in a huge open space as opposed to a small contained one. It really makes a difference.
Anita, London

Ending a year focusing on the needs of someone else (my baby daughter), my time with Karen provided a space to think creatively about my own needs and wishes. It helped me to identify different priorities in my life and ways to incorporate these into my career and life plans for the future. I was able to stand back and assess my current and future position in a more objective way. As I look back now, I realise that the sessions marked the start of a journey as I became more focused on my ambitions and life priorities. I have since taken practical steps to realise these ambitions and feel like I continue to move forward.
Karen Buchanan-Bird, London

Our talks included a discussion of broader goals and values but Karen quickly identified central themes. We developed these ideas as we improved my resume, created a cover letter, and developed talking points for an interview. By the end of four sessions I knew what type of work I wanted and I had the tools I needed to apply. I was a little worried that career coaching might dissolve into psychological counselling or something. But Karen was great at helping me identify what I wanted and needed while keeping it focused on work.
Anon, London

I just wanted to give you a brief update on my progress. I had a second interview for a great job working for a small not for profit organisation last week. The interview went well and I was offered the job. It ticks all the boxes (i.e. friendly people, decent pay, varied and flexible). I remembered all the techniques we explored together and the role is perfect. Thank you so much for all your help and support. I feel I learnt a lot from our sessions.
Laurie, London

I read about Karen’s green spaces coaching in the Metro one morning on the train. I hadn’t really considered life coaching before as it seemed a bit too much like ‘therapy’ which I felt I didn’t need, but the idea of talking to someone about everyday life problems while in an open space really appealed to me and I decided to give it a go. I wasn’t miserable with my life at all, I just felt that something was not quite right and that I could be happier. In my first session with Karen we explored how I felt about both my work and the long-term relationship I was in. The questions she asked really had an impact on me and after the first session I did a lot of thinking on my own – something I had done before, but this time it was in a structured way.

I realised that the source of my dissatisfaction had nothing to do with my work, but was related to my relationship with my boyfriend which in turn affected how I felt about everything in life. I took a break of about two months until my second session in which time I thought a lot about the questions Karen had asked me. At the end of the second session I was elated as I finally realised what I needed to do to make me happy and I am now single, living with a friend, and feeling a passion for life and my work that I have not felt for years.

All my friends are amazed at the transformation. I couldn’t recommend Karen highly enough. I always felt that friends were there to help solve these questions which come up in life, but talking to Karen for two hours achieved far more than I could have thought possible. I am a huge convert to life coaching and am very grateful to Karen for giving me the tools to make a tough choice in a considered, heartfelt and respectful way.
Claire M, London

I took up the life-coaching taster session quite spontaneously at a Bodywise open day and I was pleasantly surprised with how much we achieved even in that half hour. I went in to see Karen, knowing that I was in a period of great change in my life and not sure of what that meant and curious about what a life-coach would have to say. Well we ended the half hour session with me having some very definite ideas about what it actually was that was causing my fear, confusion and also excitement. In short I did not know who I was anymore. As soon as I said this I knew it to be true and the strange murky sensations that had floated around me for the previous year or so finally had an identity.

I continued to see Karen for a further 6 sessions working around my original statement and what it was bringing up for me both professionally and within my personal life. I loved working with Karen and found her very intuitive, compassionate, non – judgmental, inspiring and also not afraid to challenge me and guide me to places I needed to go. Karen’s approach provided me with a truly holistic response to my dilemmas and equipped me with the tools to finding further clarity and support on my life-path.
Female client who would like to stay anonymous, London

Karen has me talking about things I would never normally bring up. Soon I’m finding my own solutions for problems I didn’t realise were brewing.
Vicki-Marie Cossar, Metro Newspaper, London

“Karen takes you right to the core of an issue without you even realising that it’s happening and then helps you to find your way out again!”
Genevieve Wood

I found the ‘coaching while walking’ experience amazing. I have had all sorts of different coaching from a number of different people, and this really stood out. It was something to do with being in the open air in the countryside and with the rhythm of walking, I think, which made it tremendously powerful. Your ability to ask the right question at the right moment, combined with letting me be silent and lost in my thoughts at others worked really well. As did being able to stop when I wanted to and just let being out in nature transform the whole experience. I can still see and feel really vividly the images of the solutions I created to my ‘problems’ and they have worked incredibly well in real life – not just for the specific area I was working on, but in all sorts of related things too. Thank you so much for the experience. It (coaching while walking) is a wonderful concept and you are a uniquely gifted person – the whole thing felt so ‘right’.
Jane Kitchen

Karen helped me see what my core issues were. Some of my problems turned out to be far from obvious and would still be hidden and continuously menacing if it was not for Karen. I am truly grateful.
J. Wong

After 4 sessions with Karen, I have (proudly!) taken action on the original issue and more importantly I feel like I have gained tools that are going to be continuously useful in all areas of my life.

Karen is someone who I felt comfortable with from the first time we met. Karen’s coaching style is open and gentle while exuding strength and confidence. Karen supported me to make choices about being more powerful in my life and she clearly modeled a sense of her own personal power in our sessions.

I am a family therapist and social worker by training and I was incredibly impressed with how effortless Karen made the work feel. Karen was very much guiding the sessions, but also clearly allowing my process to inform the choices that she made each step along the way. Karen got me to take risks in our sessions that I would have been reluctant to take previously and this has very much translated to my being more assertive and fearless in the real world. My partner has commented several times that I seem much more confident expressing myself and being clear about the value of my thoughts, feelings and desires.
Jill Birnbaum, London



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