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The power of daily journaling Too often, we’re swept along by the demands of each day with little time or inclination to reflect on how the day has gone – what went well and what didn’t, how we felt and why and if we would we have done anything differently given the opportunity again. When … Read more

Which one are you?

Why does joy matter? The answer to this question is one we already know and often forget: when we are joyful, energised and in a good space, everything else in our life improves. We think better, we communicate better, we can manage our time better and we deal with difficulties better. We are better parents, partners, … Read more


We all get our fare share of crises, challenges and difficult situations, some big, others small. But why is it that some people are better at recovering from these difficult times and situations than others? Resilience – our ability to overcome adversity, illness, challenges, continues to be a subject of wide study since the early … Read more

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