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Do you lack confidence or self esteem? Do you often feel anxious and stressed when making decisions? Perhaps you want to change jobs but don’t know how?

This in-depth coaching programme is for anyone who is committed to making some significant change in their life and who wants to gain a deeper understanding of underlying and ingrained issues which may be preventing you moving forward.

What to expect: This programme will run over 8 consecutive weeks and will be an opportunity to tackle one or two ingrained or recurrent issues such as lack of confidence or self-esteem, feeling anxious and stressed or unfulfilled in your job or in a relationship.

The first and last sessions will be a 90-minute coaching session to clarify issues, identify desired outcomes and finally to review overall progress. Clients will conclude programme with a practical plan to support them in moving forward.

Where: Coaching sessions take place while walking in Victoria park.  Being surrounded by life and green space helps people to relax and open up. New insights emerge and clients make breakthroughs more easily, ending a session feeling peaceful and  grounded with a heightened sense of perspective and clarity about moving forward in their life.

Sessions can be held entirely outdoors or partly outdoors, partly via video or over the phone.

Fee: £690

Please email me for more details or to book a free life coaching taster session


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