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Many of us spend most of our time sitting at a desk, looking at the computer screen. Very few jobs involve moving around any more, let alone being in or moving around in natural green spaces. Going for a walk, cycle ride, having a picnic or just lying in the grass in our local park or in the countryside can be deeply grounding and have a soothing effect on our well-being.

Green Space Coaching’s team building workshops tap into the energy of the outdoors to enhance team creativity, motivation and connection.

Karen’s commitment to enable personal and group learning through interaction with the natural environment produces workshop outcomes beyond other ‘Away Day’ approaches that I have experienced. Clare Joy, Cooperative Key Worker, Organiclea

Purpose of Workshop: For a team of 8-12 people to spend quality time together as a team outside their normal physical and emotional work context and routine to clarify the team’s sense of direction, to move closer together, to increase motivation and morale and to become more productive as a team.

Further benefits:

– To get to know each other better and the role of each member of team• Recognising and acknowledging each other’s strength and weaknesses

– Hearing each other’s values, i.e. what’s important to each team member about working in their job

– Exploring the teams sense of purpose and identifying possible emerging actions that the team would like to take forward and possibly any blockages and ways forward

– To spend quality time outdoors in green space

– To have fun together

These workshops will be tailor-made depending on what the team wants to get out of a full /half day workshop. Preparation with the team leader/a team member is essential prior to the workshop.

I use the Natural Learning Cycle for team building and development workshops outdoors which taps into the natural human energy and flow of learning.

Fees: This depends on your needs. I like to discuss fees with my clients at the end of the initial  free consultation and once I have fully understood what your team’s requirements are; and most importantly the value you want to get out of the team building work.

Possible locations: Victoria Park in East London, Regent’s park or Kenwood House in Hampstead Heath. These natural settings have indoor facilities so that a workshop can be held indoors as well as outdoors depending on the weather.

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“Karen’s open, thoughtful & clear communication inspires confident outcomes for the groups she works with. This enables a safe workshop feeling that uniquely allows questioning and sometimes difficulties to be aired, in a ‘solutions-based’ environment.” Clare Joy, Organiclea


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