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Step outside to foster health, connection and creativity

With growing awareness of the benefits of nature on our psychological, emotional and physical wellbeing, why aren’t we looking to integrate the outdoors more into working life? 

Inspired by Outdoor Classroom Day, myself and fellow coach, Simon Hawtrey Woore have launched Outdoor Office Day, a new initiative, marked this year on 15 June 2018, that aims to celebrate and promote connection and wellbeing outside the office by spending time as an organisation or team outdoors, in natural green space.

Outdoor Office Day calls on companies and organisations to plan quality time outdoors each year, helping them to discover, value and promote the benefits of integrating the outdoors into the working day as an aid to creative thinking, problem solving and stress reduction.

When you spend most of your day in an office, at a desk, in meetings, with a dash and grab lunch and glued to your smart devices, work morale, creative and productivity take a hit.  Getting outdoors can help to free us from day-to-day constraints, pressures and habitual ways of thinking and behaving.

By integrating green space into our working day, a walk in the park at lunchtime, walking part of the journey into or home from work, talking 1:1 meetings outdoors; we become more resilient, feel more positive, more content and reinvigorated. (See tips for getting out of the office).

What can organisations do outdoors?

There’s a whole host of activities organisations and teams can get involved in – independently or with facilitation, and there’s plenty of ideas for getting active outdoors. What organisations and teams do is up to them – from team building activities to conservation work, from treasure hunts to nature activities like guided walks and pond dipping, from team games (football, Frisbee, rounders baseball) to cycling or even canoeing – the choice of activities is endless.

Facilitated outdoor activities:

With our shared passion in helping people develop and grow through experiencing the benefits of being outdoors, myself and fellow coach, Simon Hawtrey-Woore, are offering, organisations a range of facilitated activities outdoors:

  • Team development workshops in green space using the Natural Learning Cycle and other methods to clarify purpose and shared values; enjoyable and playful activities to support the development of team spirit and connection
  • Facilitated organisational away days outdoors in one of London’s parks, eg Victoria Park, Hampstead Heath, Richmond Park, Ravenscourt Park Community Gardens
  • 1:1 coaching while walking in London’s green spaces for employees, managers and leaders
  • Two-day residential workshops for teams and leadership teams at Hazel Hill Woods Nature Reserve, Wiltshire or Green & Away in the Malvern Hills

Get in touch to find out more, book an initial free conversation to plan your outdoor activities on 15 June 2018…




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