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Coaching for managers and employees

Happy and healthy staff members are at the heart of a well functioning and successful business.

With individuals I explore where they are at in their job, looking at where they feel their performance might be static or out of kilter, helping them pin point the root cause for their slowed down process. We look at what they need to change to get back on track and become excellent at what they do.

Typical areas employees and managers want help with are:

– Dealing with stress and anxiety
– Communicating with skill and impact
– Dealing with challenging work situations
– Time management
– Procrastination – understanding your pattern of behaviour
– Prioritising and staying focused on the task
– Appreciating the job and colleagues (seeing what’s there)

I prefer to take my clients outside their normal work environment and into natural settings because I believe that’s where reflection, creative thinking, insight and change can happen most naturally.

Outcomes: clarity of mind and direction, increased motivation, increased productivity and boosted morale.

Duration: Sessions are usually for 1 hour per week. I recommend a minimum of 4-6 sessions.

Fees: Be agreed following an initial free consultation and following understanding of your companies needs. Email or call 07815 591379

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