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What does your work mean to you? ‘How’s work?’ It’s a question we get asked time and again by friends, family, colleagues…. And no wonder, many of us spend more time at work or working than anything else! It can sometimes feel that our identity or sense of purpose is defined through work – indeed, … Read more

Which one are you?

Why does joy matter? The answer to this question is one we already know and often forget: when we are joyful, energised and in a good space, everything else in our life improves. We think better, we communicate better, we can manage our time better and we deal with difficulties better. We are better parents, partners, … Read more

Daily tips to help achieve a balanced life and greater wellbeing

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Achieving greater wellbeing:a model for a more balanced life, Green Space Life Coaching

A healthy and balanced lifestyle is key to our wellbeing I find that September can feel a bit like a new beginning as it marks the end of the summer holiday season and the start of a new school year. New beginnings come with a particular uplifting energy which we can tap into in order … Read more


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Change - the secret is little and often

When we want to change things, to do things differently, to try new experiences – it helps to remember ‘little and often’. Whether I’m working with individuals or organisations, everyone is looking for change of some kind. A better work-life balance, a career change, improved team working or tools for managing stress better. Change is … Read more

How to let go of judgements

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Making snap judgements cartoon c. New Yorker Magazine

It’s in our nature to make judgements – good and bad, about ourselves and about others. Often the judgements we make are unfounded, wildly inaccurate or self-judgements we harbour projected onto others. What’s more – they don’t tend to make us feel particularly happy or good about ourselves. None of us are immune to making … Read more

What gives you energy

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What gives you energy and what drains you

and what drains you? Making time to ask yourself ‘what gives you energy?’ could be one of the most insightful questions you consider this month. I’m not talking about what snacks you might reach for during a mid-afternoon energy dip, but a more profound question which explores what sustains and nourishes you and your wellbeing. … Read more

Are you happy?

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We often live out of sync with what matters most to us In today’s fast-paced living, it can be a challenge to find the time and strength to be calm and make big decisions that are right for us. Tomorrow is International Day of Happiness, established by the United Nations to raise awareness of just … Read more

I deserve to live life fully

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“I don’t deserve it” is a common disempowering belief that runs deep in our unconscious and holds us back from living our own agenda, from living our life to the fullest. The good news is that we can learn to believe that we do deserve to live a full and meaningful life, based on our … Read more

Stay on track with your New Year Resolutions

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Develop a practice of reflection

So often resolutions fall by the wayside despite the great intentions and the momentum which comes with the start of a new year. Before we’re even aware of it, a pattern of unconscious day to day living resumes and we find ourselves pretty much back in the same place as before. Not this year. Here’s … Read more

Compassion for oneself and others

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It can be hard dealing with negative feelings so don’t forget to  to show yourself a little compassion during these times. It’s not weak or self-indulgent, indeed self compassion can help you understand and be compassionate to others. I recently came to the realisation of just how much resentment and anger I’ve been holding on … Read more

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